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Funding projects: Right 2 Read & the Right 2 Work

You know the value of being able to access and read the materials you choose. Millions of people around the world lack this same ability since access to books, textbooks and other published materials are not made available in accessible formats. 

The Right to Read (R2R) Access to literacy and education

This is the name of our campaign set up to challenge international copyright laws in order to gain access to reading materials in accessible formats for blind and low vision individuals. Did you know that over 90% of all published materials cannot be accessed to be read by blind or low vision people? This affects 500 million print disabled people around the world. We are asking for the right to read the same newspapers, magazines and books that sighted people have access to. We need to have the right in all countries to reproduce printed materials into accessible formats, such as Braille, large print, and audio editions. Current copyright rules prevent much of this and limit the text books that blind students can access for study and to further their learning and formal education. 
The WBU lead the campaign, working with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to amend international copyright law, and enable cross-border sharing of accessible materials. This resulted in the Marrakesh Treaty (more can be read about this under Our Work).

How you can help? Speak to your government representatives and get them to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty. Let them know how the book famine affects your ability to enjoy literary works of world authors and prevents access to local printed news. You can follow the progression of this treaty work through the updates provided in our E-Bulletin newsletters, and updates on this website.  
Donate to the World Blind Union, allocating your gift to the Right to Read campaign.


Right to Work Campaign

Employment and independence
This is our employment initiative to help blind and partially sighted adults gain access to meaningful employment. In developed countries (like those in North America and Europe) the employment of blind people is only about 25% and in developing countries the number of blind people gainfully employed falls below 10%. 
With figures like these, blind and partially sighted people can never live as equals in society, or feel they are making meaningful contributions in their own communities. That is why this issue is a priority for the members of the World Blind Union.  
The WBU in cooperation with the CNIB created the Project Aspiro website: that provides skills and strategies to improve the employment situation of blind and partially sighted persons around the world. Despite advances in education, rehabilitation, technology and social attitudes, blind and partially sighted persons are among the most likely to be unemployed globally​.
How you can help? Contact your government employment offices and ask how they are helping those who are disabled find work and if there is legislation to make more buildings and work places accessible. 
Donate​ to the World Blind Union and allocated you gift towards the Right to Work campaign.