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How Typhoon Haiyan affected disabled people

Here are the updates from PRB on their work in the areas of the Philippines affected by the typhoon:

All of the staff of the Philippine Resources for the Blind, including the ones in the area of the typhoon, are safe. Unfortunately there are many towns that were utterly devastated. Their plan is for some initial emergency help, but the bigger role will be to help in rebuilding some of the homes and the SPED Centers (Special Education Centers). Another concern is for the equipment and materials used by blind children that were lost or damaged due to the typhoon in these centers. When the schools are rebuilt, the SPED Centers will not be the government's first priority, so that's where we will try to help. We will help both with rebuilding or repairs of the SPED Centers and with replacing the equipment and materials that were lost, in order to make sure the blind children are able to return to school and have the equipment they need to learn.
If you would be interested to help with our recovery efforts for families with blind children, and with the SPED Centers, we have a donation button on our website  When using the online donation button, the page will show amounts in Philippines pesos and the dollar equivalent​. To specify for Typhoon Relief aid, select 'Other', and type in your request. If you have any problems with the website, please let us know. Whatever we can do both in the short term physical needs and in the long term educational needs will be a big encouragement to these visually impaired children, their families and their teachers. Thank you for your concern.