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Nominations Open for WBU 2nd Vice President Position

Our WBU 2nd Vice President, Dr. Elly Macha suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on March 31st. The WBU Constitution does make provision for a vacancy occurring between General Assemblies and Article V Section 1 (d) of the Constitution states: “If a vacancy occurs among the officers elected by the Assembly, it shall be filled by the Executive, if necessary by postal ballot….”.  Given that this vacancy has occurred so early in the term, it was the view of the WBU Executive that they should proceed to fill the vacancy and as allowed within the Constitution (in Article VIII, Section 3(c)4, the Executive has requested that the Nominations Committee operate the procedure for filling the 2nd Vice President position.  It will be our intention to accept nominations up until June 30th, to validate the nominations, then to develop the voting papers that will be then sent to the members of the WBU Executive Committee to conduct the election. It is also our intention to utilize our WBU External auditors to assist with the elections process in order to ensure secrecy of the process.

The Chair of our Nominations Committee, Maryanne Diamond invites nominations for the position of 2nd Vice President. Below are some points to provide our members with information about the nominations process which you may find helpful.  To download the position description and nomination form, please click on the following links:

WBU 1st and 2nd vice president position description.docWBU 1st and 2nd vice president position description 

WBU 2nd VP Nomination Form 2017.docWBU 2nd Vice President Nomination Form 2017

1.   The members of the Nominations Committee are as follows:

Chair – Ms. Maryanne Diamond, WBU Past President

William Jolley– WBUAP

Jim Tokos – NA/C

Fernando Galarraga – ULAC

Poul Lüneborg – EBU

Cathy Donaldson– AFUB

2.   As specified in Article IV, Section 6, of the WBU Constitution:

a)   To be eligible for nomination for the post of President, Vice-presidents, Secretary-General or Treasurer, the candidates must be blind or partially sighted as defined in this constitution. 

b)   To be valid, a nomination of a candidate must be supported in writing by a majority of the delegation from the country in which the candidate resides, such support being confirmed in writing to the Chair of the Nominations Committee when the nomination is submitted. Only member countries in good financial standing with the WBU are eligible to submit nominations.

(Note that due to the special circumstances of this election and the fact that 2017 membership fees are not fully due until June 30 2017, we will accept payment of fees up to 2016 as fulfilment of the financial status requirement).

3.   All nominations are to be submitted on the prescribed form which is attached to this letter and also available from the WBU Office and from the WBU website. 

4.   We are inviting all nominees to provide a 700 word statement providing background information and a statement about their desire to run for the 2nd Vice President position. This statement is to be provided in MS Word format and is to accompany the nominations form. These statements will be translated and sent to the Executive along with the voting papers and provide your opportunity to present your candidacy to the Executive committee which will be electing the new 2nd Vice President. Apart from translating the statements as necessary, we will not be editing or altering in any other way. We will be adhering strictly to the 700 word limit.

5.   Completed nominations as well as the statement for circulation in support of your nomination are to be addressed to Ms. Maryanne Diamond, the Chair of the WBU Nominations Committee and must be received on or before Friday 30 June 2017. 

6.   Note that all materials including the nominations form must be submitted in MS Word format to facilitate accessibility. The signature page only may be send in PDF format. Any nominations not sent in the proper (MS Word format) will be returned for proper submission.

7.   Nominations should be sent to:

Ms. Maryanne Diamond

Chair, WBU Nominations Committee

c/o World Blind Union office

1929 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3E8


Fax: +1 416 486 8107