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Project Aspiro, adding new success stories of employed blind & VI people

Seeking More Examples of Employed Visually Impaired and Blind People

The World Blind Union’s employment resources website, Project Aspiro, contains a number of interviews with successfully employed individuals who are visually impaired. The majority of these videotaped workers are Canadian as the Project Aspiro website was developed in collaboration with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). We would like to expand our offerings in this section to reflect the diversity of WBU’s membership and the variety of jobs being performed by workers who are blind or have low vision throughout the world.
We invite people from all parts of the globe to contribute stories of successfully employed blind or visually impaired individuals who are representative of your constituents. We welcome interviews with individuals who are self-employed as well as those working for others. Submissions may be either audio or video files. The preferred format for an audio file submission is an mp3 file. Videos files may be submitted in any of the following formats: MOV, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM. Interviews should be 3-5 minutes long and follow the questions listed below for consistency on the website.  Please send your submissions to:
Suggested Audio or Video Interview Questions for Project Aspiro Website:
Employment questions for individuals (self-employed or employed by others):
§  Please state in one sentence: what is your name and job title?*
§  Please describe your current employment. (Probes follow…)
§  How long have you been employed in this job?
§  What do you like best about this job?
§  Did you have assistance to secure this job?  If so, who helped you secure the job?
§  What technical aids or assistance have you received?
§  What financial assistance, if any, have you received?
§  How long did it take you to secure your current job?
§  At what age did you begin to work (for pay or as a volunteer)?
§  Did you have assistance to secure your first job? If so, who helped you?
§  How long did it take you to secure your first job?
§  What other jobs have you had?
§  Please describe your educational background or vocational training.
§  Please describe what you can see, if you have usable vision.
§  What have been the biggest obstacles or challenges you encountered finding or advancing in your career?
§  How have you overcome these obstacles?
§  Describe a time, if applicable, that you demonstrated to an employer/potential employer/customer that you were able to perform a job/task that they did not know/understand you were able to perform.
§  How has being employed impacted your life?
§  What or who has been the greatest positive influence in you being successfully employed?
§  What do you bring to the job (tools, attitude…) that enables you to be successful on the job?
§  What advice would you give to an employer or business owner who is considering hiring someone with vision loss?
§  What advice would you give to another individual with vision loss who is considering employment in your career field?
*Please ask this question again at the end of the interview to try and get extra enthusiasm for use in a collage (a snippet of video with just names, countries and occupations). For example, “Please enthusiastically state your name, country and job title”; “My name is Adam, I am from India, and I am a primary teacher for blind students.”
Please send your submissions to:
Note: If you are unable to record video with interviewees, please ask for a digital photograph or take a photo for us. Thank you. If you have any questions about this project or need further clarification, please email Dr. Karen Wolffe ( Thank you for your interest and support of Project Aspiro​.