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Submit your video about your Covid19 experiences

The Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network is a coordination body of bilateral and multilateral donors and agencies, the private sector and foundations working to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in international development and humanitarian action.

The GLAD Network will hold a High-Level Round Table on disability and COVID-19. The round table will be used to highlight the current barriers in disability-inclusion in times of Covid19 and to pave the road for an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Inclusive recovery should ensure that post-pandemic socio-economic plans including social protection measures are fully inclusive of persons with disabilities. This way we can rethink our societies and build back better. 

We want the high-level representatives to hear from YOU! We want to include the voices of Persons with disabilities from around the world on COVID-19 and its impact on their lives. 

Submit your video. Tell the high-level representatives what you want for world leaders as DPO leaders today if we are given the chance to meet and tell them. In your video, you can cover: ​

  1. How is COVID-19 affecting your daily life?
  2. What do you want to tell world leaders in responding to this pandemic?
  3. What should the world look like after this pandemic?

How can I submit a video? 
  • Record your videos on your phone, iPad or PC and email them directly to, with the subject line: GLAD video
  • Please submit your videos by Sunday 14 June 2020
  • Please ensure your video does not exceed 1 minute! We want world leaders from as many persons with disabilities as possible!

Tips for your video

Choose a location where your voice can be heard  
  • Choose as quiet an environment as possible 
  • Consider the background – is the environment relevant to what you are talking about?  

Do not sit/stand too far away from the camera  
  • In order for the microphone to be able to clearly record what you’re saying, don’t sit or stand more than 1-2 metres away from the camera when speaking 

  • Framing orientation: Shoot Landscape (horizontal)   
  • Framing: Centralised head and shoulders shot

Hold the camera as steadily as possible 
  • Can you use a mini tripod or balance the camera in some way? Or can someone film you?  
For any questions, email: