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WBU First Webinar May 2014

Capacity Building through Webinar Sessions
The first WBU member webinar was on “A General overview of UNCRPD” - which took place on 29th May 2014. 

Below is the audio clip from the webinar:
Throughout 2014 WBU will hold a series of internet participatory seminars (more commonly called webinars) with the fist​ one taking place in May and then usually bi-monthly afterwards. These will be conducted by Dr. Victor Cordeiro, WBU's advocacy expert, often with guest speakers. WBU is offering these as a service to our members and others involved in human rights development to increase knowledge and skill levels in our member organizations' staff. To participate in future webinars, please send contact Victor by email at: 
Details for each webinar topic will be posted as a new news items on our website and provide a link to join in. General tips on how to participate are here: How to join in and participate in WBU Webinars.docHow to join in and participate in WBU Webinars
We work to build the capacity of our members to use existing Human Rights (HR) instruments to enable persons who are blind and partially sighted to enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms on equal basis with fellow citizens. There are a number of general and specific human rights instruments; however the mere existence of them does not automatically bring about change in the day to day lives of persons who are blind and partially sighted unless they are acted upon. It requires concerted efforts by the multiple stakeholders at the regional and national levels to translate the provisions of these HR instruments on the ground.
As part of our capacity building strategy, WBU will offer training to our members on a wide range of issues and topics which will equip them to engage their governments and others through the use of technology such as webinars with the application of online Talking Communities. (read more about this below)
This will give members the knowledge and skills to equip their staff to intensify their engagement with stakeholders of strategic relevance. WBU will initiate E-learning through regular webinars by using the Talking Communities portal. Users will have their own unique access (called a room) and easily interact with the moderator and other participants. The proposed plan is to have webinars every 3 months on a wide range of issues. A link to the talking communities’ page to join the session along with information on each topic will be sent out prior to the session, so participants can review it ahead of time. Questions can be posed in advance so that the moderator is well prepared to provide answers during webinar sessions. The manual to learn how to access Talking Communities is here:
Talking Communities Manual.docTalking Communities Manual
Our advocacy expert, Dr. Victor Cordeiro is creating E-learning sessions focused on helping our members become familiar with Human Rights (HR) instruments and also gain the skills to reach out to their fellow stakeholders and governments to implements these policies on the ground. The key instruments include: the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the International Bill of Rights, the universal periodic review process, the post 2015 development agenda, and an online/offline consultation processes facilitated by the United Nations.
Engagement by our members can create committees of support that will both implement programs and monitor progress of these HR instruments will improve the lives of persons who are blind and partially sighted.
E-learning has become increasingly popular these days. It is very cost effective and saves travel time. A 60-minute webinar can engage 50 participants to transfer knowledge and skills. These sessions can be recorded so that others who cannot participate at the time of the live broadcast can later tune into the webinar at a more convenient time.
We are planning to have webinars on the following topics:
  • general session on UNCRPD (taking place May 29)
  • working of the Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • Universal periodic review
  • Post 2015 development agenda, etc.
The first WBU member webinar is on “A General overview of UNCRPD” taking place on Thursday, 29th May 2014 at 2:00PM UTC. We invite all members to participate in these webinars and strengthen their skills through the E-learning process. We will post details on how to participate in these Talking Community rooms on our website in May, so members can become familiar with the process. We encourage you to capitalize on the advantage of E-Learning process. If you plan to attend this webinar, please send an email to Victor at: