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WBU rejoins the WIPO Stakeholder Platform

In 2009, a group of publishers and other organisations with an interest in intellectual property rights set up the WIPO Stakeholder Platform (SP). In short, the aim of the Platform was to help us end the book famine in which most books are never published in accessible formats that blind, partially sighted and other print disabled people can read.

In February 2011 WBU suspended its participation in the platform, to concentrate our efforts on obtaining what is now the “Marrakech Treaty”. 

Information about our suspension can be found here:

Information about the Marrakech Treaty can be found here: 

However, we attended the latest meeting of the Platform in November 2013 as observers, to re-evaluate our suspension.

Given that the Marrakech treaty is now a reality, and that the SP has the potential to complement that treaty, WBU has decided to lift its suspension.

We see great potential for this initiative and would like to help it to deliver an important step forward in the work to end the "book famine". 

In rejoining the initiative, WBU has made it clear that:
1.      We would object strongly / consider withdrawing, if we saw the SP being used to frustrate work to ensure a speedy and effective ratification of the Marrakech treaty.
2.      We will review our membership after one year, and our main criteria will be whether the projects are meaningful and proceeding in an effective (and cost-effective) manner
3.      That it is understood that WBU will encourage, but cannot compel our member organisations to join.
They will make their own decisions, according to their circumstances. We will, though, help to highlight to them the potential benefits of the initiative
WBU certainly sees the SP as a great opportunity to do some much-needed work towards ending the book famine, and we look forward to participating constructively and positively in that work.
As this work develops, we will provide updates on this website. ​