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World Blind Union Employment Survey

WBU has developed a short survey to identify employment patterns of people who are blind or partially sighted and of working-age throughout the world. 

The WBU Employment Committee is undertaking this project to understand the levels of employment for individuals with sight loss. This research will provide up-to-date data on employment for people who are blind or have low vision (partial sight). Current employment information is old (more than 10 years old in most countries) and much of the information that is available is not specific to people who are blind or have low vision (partial sight). The information available also doesn't provide details about the nature and type of employment or about barriers to employment that people with vision impairment face. 

The purpose of this survey is to understand how WBU can best advocate for individuals who are blind or have partial sight. The survey designed for the WBU membership can be completed in 20-25 minutes and it is available in English, French, and Spanish. ​

The Survey has four-parts, which uses skip logic to move respondents through the survey questions so that they only answer questions that pertain to them. 

  • Section One (demographics) is completed by all respondents.  
  • Section Two (current job) is completed by currently employed respondents only. 
  • Section Three (previously employed, but not working currently) is completed only by the respondents who have work experience but are not working presently. 
  • Section Four (never worked) is completed only by the respondents who have no work experience.
We are using Survey Monkey, which is accessible with both screen readers and screen magnification. 

The Survey Monkey link is: 

Please complete the survey and disseminate it widely. If your constituents don’t have Internet access, please reach out to a WBU national member, who may be able to help with data entry or survey deployment. Or, you may want to request assistance from a local teacher or service provider in your community who may be able to help you enter your constituents’ data. If you cannot get the assistance you need to deploy the survey,  please contact Dr. Karen Wolffe, WBU Employment Committee Member at​  and she will help you.

Results of the survey will be reported at the 2020 WBU/ICEVI General Assemblies in Madrid.