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Right 2 Work Campaign: Project Aspiro

We created the website to provide skills and resources for blind and partially sighted people seeking employment. Is a part of our employment initiative to help blind and partially sighted adults gain access to meaningful employment. In developed regions, like North America and Europe, the employment of blind people is only about 25%, and in developing countries the number of employed blind people falls below 10%. Blind and partially sighted people can never live as equals in society, or feel they are making meaningful contributions in their own communities unless they can access employment.  
This is a priority for the members of the World Blind Union. The WBU is presently working on strategies to improve the employment situation of blind and partially sighted persons around the world. Despite advances in education, rehabilitation, technology and social attitudes, blind and partially sighted persons are among the most likely to be unemployed in all parts of the world. Our initiatives are intended to address this issue. Many of our member organizations also have employment initiatives and we provide links to those: