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Scholarships Beneficiaries

Noah Nartey, B.A Psychology student from Ghana

noah nart-scholarship beneficiary-2018.png My name is Noah Nartey. I come from Krobo – Odumasi, Ghana. I am a B.A Psychology student at the University of Ghana. My sight impairment started in July 2011. Ever since then, I experienced a decline in my vision. A visual test conducted on me revealed that some part of my eye was damaged. In 2013, I was diagnosed with glaucoma and since then, I use eye drops to help reduce pressure and prevent my sight from further deterioration.
  As a student, I find it difficult to see from the projected screens during lectures hence I rely on my colleagues to write some notes for me. Also, reading books with small font sizes is very difficult especially during vacation since I don’t have any assistive technology at home.

In addition, education is very expensive in Ghana. Buying books, payment of academic and residential fees, notwithstanding food and other basics make education expensive. And in my case having to use medications continuously creates further financial burden to my family.

The WBU scholarship will enable me to pursue my education. I am committed to acquiring knowledge and skills that can help me live independently and contribute positively to my society.

Marcelline Gato Nzamwitakuze, journalism and communication student, University of Rwanda
Marcelline photo-2.jpg My name is Marcelline Gato Nzamwitakuze, a 24 years old student of journalism and communication at the University of Rwanda. I am visually impaired, I use braille for reading and writing, jaws for computer's use and a White Cane to walk around.

 The WBU scholarship is very important to me because it is going to help me acquire braille reading materials and cover other school expenses. My dream is to become a professional journalist and advocate for problems facing people with disabilities. Also, being the only educated person among my siblings, I want to improve living conditions of my family and contribute better to my organization; the Rwanda Union of the Blind which advocates for the rights of the blind and partially sighted persons. 

My advice to other people with a disability is not to be discouraged by barriers or problems that we face every day. Keep on rising, show what you can do and seek the support you need. I thank the WBU for choosing me to get this scholarship. It is a big chance for me. I will use it properly to make a positive impact on my life through studies.

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