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This section contains information and downloadable application forms about WBU and World Braille Foundation scholarships available for blind and partially sighted persons.

The WBU has three scholarship programs:

(1) The Hermoine Grant Calhoun Scholarship – for blind and partially sighted women:
Hermoine Grant Calhoun Fund - Guidelines.docHermoine Grant Calhoun Fund - Guidelines
Hermoine Grant Calhoun Fund - Application Form.docHermoine Grant Calhoun Fund - Application Form

(2) The Pedro Zurita Youth Fund – for blind and partially sighted youth between the ages of 15 to 30 years-old’:
Pedro Zurita Youth Fund - Guidelines.docPedro Zurita Youth Fund - Guidelines
Pedro Zurita Youth Fund - Application Form.docPedro Zurita Youth Fund - Application Form

(3) The Barbara Marjeram Braille Literacy Scholarship – for blind and partially sighted women and girls in developing countries between the ages of 14 to 30 years-old:
​Barbara Marjeram Braille Literacy Scholarship.docBarbara Marjeram Braille Literacy Scholarship

Offered through the World Braille Foundation, the Gerald Dirks Scholarship for the Advancement of Braille Literacy is available for blind and partially sighted men and women aged 18 to 35 years old from Africa that work with Braille. This scholarship is funded by the Dirks family.
Gerald Dirks Scholarship for Braille Literacy Application.docGerald Dirks Scholarship for Braille Literacy Application


If you are applying for more than one scholarship, you must fill out an application form in its entirety for each oneThere are no set deadlines to apply.