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General Resources

This section contains a variety of information on several pages (listed on the left) including our own publications and other documents that may be useful to our members, or anyone who desires information related to vision loss. 
  • We provide links to other organizations, like RNIB, that have useful information regarding blindness and disability issues under WBU Member links
  • Our Toolkits are downloadable documents that help teach  important issues such as advocacy, technology, or CRPD implementation, and also has links to AMD information.
  • Braille related materials and resources are under the Braille Information page. 
    There are also links to Braille resources under the Useful Links section.
  • Our Strategic Reports are stored under 'Our Work' section.
  • Annual Reports and Financial Statements are under the 'About WBU' section of the website. 
  • Documents from WBU's 2016 General Assembly are under the General Assembly section.
  • Information about our Scholarships are under that section as are the application forms. 
  • There are some facts listed on global blindness statistics, under Global Blindness Facts.
  • Painting in the Dark: Esref Armagan, Blind Artist is a true story of a totally-blind-from birth Turkish man, who in spite of no education, taught himself to read and write from a young age.Over the years he developed his own techniques to help him create his art. He endured many skeptics until both his blindness—and his rare talent—were verified by scientists and documented in research journals and documentaries. Now 64 years old, he continues to inspire both blind and sighted people around the world. ​For more information about the author Rachelle Burk including photos, articles, videos, and more please visit her website: book is also available in audio, print and braille. 
  • Audio of the Marrakesh Training workshop April 24th- 28th 2017 are under Our Priorities, Marrakesh Training Program 2017
  • Marrakesh Treaty- Global Report: With the help of Trust Law and various law firms around the world, this report analyzes the copyright legislation in ten countries to determine the readiness of implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty. This is also be found under  Marrakesh Treaty-Global-Report