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Le droit de lire

The Right to Read (R2R)      Access to literacy and education

This is the name of our campaign set up to challenge international copyright laws in order to gain access to reading materials in accessible formats for blind and low vision individuals. Did you know that over 90% of all published materials cannot be accessed to be read by blind or low vision people? We are asking for the right to read the same newspapers, magazines and books that sighted people have access to. We need to have the rights in all countries to reproduce these materials into accessible formats, such as Braille, large print, and audio editions. Current copyright rules prevent much of this and limit the books that blind students can access for study and to further their learning and formal education. The WBU is leading this campaign, in partnership with a number of International NGO’s, to increase the availability of materials in accessible formats and to end the current book famine. 
The campaign includes working with publishers to increase the amount of accessibly published books. 
And working with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to improve copyright law, and enable cross border sharing of accessible materials. 
The two main people who represent the WBU at the WIPO meetings are Maryanne Diamond (of Vision Australia) and Chris Friend (of SightSavers). They will be providng updates via social media tools for future meetings and progress on this treaty. 
We will provide the links to follow them once these are set up.
How you can help. Speak to your government representatives about the book famine and how it affects your ability to enjoy literary works of world authors and even prevents access to local news and therefore limits your cutlutral appreciaiton and involvement. 
You can access the progression of this treaty work through the updates provided in our E-Bulletin newsletters.
In the Archives Section​ there is the background information about this campaign and the older newspieces and related documents. Under the Latest News section will be the current updates or status of WIPOS meetings taking place in 2012. 





Still to add the photo (campaign poster) with links and a call to action for members and the public.  ​​