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Webinars - WBU Online Education Seminars

WBU is using the technology of the world wide web to deliver information to our members. Webinars are online seminars where people can listen in and participate in the discussion by linking to the WBU seminar portal. Instructions on how to do this are given below. Webinars will be recorded and stored on our website to listen to at a later time.
How to join in and participate in WBU Webinars:
Duration is usually 60 min (40 Min presentation and 20 min question & answer). 
Please let our advocacy expert, Victor, know that you intend to participate:
1. Click on the link provided in the location to open the web page.
2. The web page will prompt you to install plugin.
3. Download the plugin and install it from the same web page just below the link of enter in to the room.
4. Click on the link “enter in to the room.”
5. This will take you to the login page.
6. Login page asks for user ID which is your first and last name.
7. It will also ask for password, you do not have a password just leave it blank and press enter.
8. This will take you inside the webinar conference room.
9. Once the moderator and other users are online you can see them.
10. When you want to contribute, press the control key and hold it while you speak.
11. Release the control key when you are done talking.
12. Indicate when you are finished speaking by saying “over.”
Talking Communities Manual: Talking Communities Manual
Kindly send your questions in advance (via email) to:
To find out what the local time (your time) that this webinar will be conducted, use this website to compare the seminar UTC to your time zone: