Barbara Marjeram Braille Literacy Scholarship for blind women and girls in developing countries

– Braille Literacy is the Cornerstone to this Award –


The World Braille Foundation (WBF) established the Barbara Marjeram Braille Scholarship in 2008 to commemorate Barbara’s 20-year career at CNIB and to recognize her contribution to Braille Literacy at the world level.

The WBF Board wishes to acknowledge the inaugural donation received from Robert (Bob) Waugh, CNIB Honourary Chairman and his late wife, Audrey Graydon Waugh. The Waughs encouraged this tribute out of their respect for Barbara’s professional work and their own personal friendship.

This Braille Award is also supported by designated donations from other friends of WBF together with Barbara’s family and friends.

The funds initial goal is to designate a minimum capital investment of $20,000. Based on the annual interest or a designated financial gift, the Foundation will award two or more awards of up to $500 US each annually.

In 2019, the World Braille Foundation was dissolved, and the scholarships are now managed by the World Blind Union (WBU).



  1. Blind or visually impaired girls and woman between the ages of 14 – 30 years from a developing country, who are enrolled in a recognized educational program in their own country. Applications are also accepted from students enrolled in a recognized distance learning program.
  2. Applicants are expected to possess Braille reading and writing skills OR be willing to pursue a course to learn Braille either on location or through an approved distance learning program.
  3. Award recipients may also be eligible to a further one-time grant
    for a self-employment project upon completion of their educational program and based on a further application.

Application Guidelines

  1. Applicants must be girls or women between the ages of 14 – 30 years.
  2. Application letters to be received by April 30 of any year.
  3. Application must be supported by a letter from a recognized organization of or for the blind from within the country where the applicant resides and from the in-country affiliate of either the African Union of the Blind or the World Blind Union National member.
  4. Applications must be accompanied by a 500-word essay describing the proposed course of study or program.
  5. The World Braille Foundation selection committee will review all eligible applications to select two recipients annually.
    All decisions of the Selection Committee are final.
  6. Completed applications should be submitted either electronically to or mailed in Braille or print to WBU, 1929 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3E8. Canada.
  7. The funds will be advanced to the successful applicant on receipt of a formal acceptance letter of enrolment in the program.

Updated October 2020

Download the Scholarship Guidelines

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