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December 9, 2019 2:35 pm Published by
The World Blind Union extends deepest sympathies to any members in Albania affected by recent earthquake. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania two days ago, on 26 November 2019.
According to Media reports, over 30 people have been reported as dead, hundreds have been injured and several families have been displaced. The earthquake has caused considerable damages, paralysed communication services and  electricity cuts are recorded in several neighbourhoods.
The WBU is monitoring the crisis with deep concern and appealing to relief agencies and emergency responders to consider special needs of blind and partially sighted persons affected. It is critical that blind and partially sighted survivors of the earthquake are provided with accessible services including information in audio, large print and braille formats. In addition, relief services including health, rehabilitation and re-settlement services should be accessible.
The World Blind Union advocates for protection of the rights of blind and partially sighted persons in situations of disaster, humanitarian emergency or conflict, to ensure that all services and programs are accessible to them.
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This post was written by Geoff Rostant