Officers meeting in Nairobi

January 9, 2023 3:07 am Published by
World Blind Union Officers in Nairobi 2022

WBU President on the far-left Martine Abel-Williamson followed by WBU CEO Marc Workman with World Blind Union Officers in Nairobi 2022

The WBU held its fall officers meeting this year in Nairobi, Kenya in early December. Over the course of four days, the Officers provided updates on key activities, reviewed financial matters and adopted a budget, discussed many challenging subjects, and made numerous decisions that will set the course for WBU in 2023.,

The location of this meeting also created opportunities to meet with key partners such as UN Habitat, the African Union of the Blind, and United Disabled People of Kenya. We thank the WBU Secretariat staff for their support with organizing this meeting and the WBU Officers for their dedication and participation.


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