Smart cities must be accessible and inclusive; WBU at COSP (Global Outlook 09/23)

September 7, 2023 4:18 am Published by
A network of Morden roads, with fly overs at a round about well lit at night

A network of Morden roads, with fly overs at a round about well lit at night

With urban evolution, the concept of smart cities holds immense promise. However, the journey towards innovation must be shared by all, ensuring that the benefits extend to every individual, including those with disabilities.

We were present at the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights Of Persons with Disabilities (COSP), one of the most important UN-level discussions on the rights of persons with disabilities globally. In our efforts to ensure smart cities are accessible and inclusive. Read more about the meeting here: Ensuring Smart cities are inclusive

Smart cities aim to simplify urban living, but they can inadvertently exclude individuals with disabilities, leaving them frustrated or, even worse, unsafe.  “Accessibility matters. Solutions exist, but they must be implemented widely,” Marc Workman, CEO of the World Blind Union stated. Read more about it on UNHABITAT website here: Smart cities

In this event we discussed why localisation is such a powerful tool for breaking down accessibility barriers and creating more inclusive societies. It will highlight the critical role of local and regional governments and OPDs in ensuring that accessibility is a priority and that the rights of persons with disabilities are respected, promoted, and realised. Watch the discussion we had on our webinar on breaking down accessibility barriers here: Breaking down accessibility barriers through localisation.

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This post was written by Fridah Mlemwa