WBU has contributed to the 2023 Global report on Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Global Outlook 09/23)

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Graphical representation of SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Drawings of building on a yellow background

The 2023 SDG 11 Synthesis report is a comprehensive assessment released by the United Nations on the progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11), which focuses on making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

The WBU Secretariat, as part of WBU’s partnership with UN-Habitat, has enjoyed an expert advisory role on disability inclusion and accessibility in the drafting of the report which was launched at the High-Level Political Forum.

This report evaluates global advancements in urban development and the quality of life in cities, addressing issues such as adequate housing, transportation, public spaces, digitalisation, environmental sustainability, and disaster resilience.

The report provides a consolidated overview of the world’s efforts in creating liveable urban environments, highlights successes, identifies challenges, and offers recommendations to guide policies and actions for sustainable urbanization.

The report underscores accessibility as both a fundamental human right and a prerequisite for inclusion and meaningful participation in our urbanizing world. It highlights that governments at all levels face challenges to plan for, measure and monitor accessibility. It however charts pathways to address inequalities and barriers by advocating for the integration of accessibility and universal design throughout urban and territorial planning and design of built and digital environments, participatory processes, governance, transport planning, and smart city technologies.

Additionally, it emphasizes the pivotal role of accessibility standards across buildings and infrastructure, bolstering resilience before, during, and after shocks and disasters.

You can find the full report via the following link: SDG 11 Synthesis Report | UN-Habitat

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