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World Blind Union (WBU) is releasing a Request for Proposals for organizations to design and develop a corporate identity/brand as part of a brand refresh.

We invite interested parties to submit a proposal by September 30, 2023 that includes timeline, cost, and deliverables, with more details below that outline our criteria for selection.

Proposals must be received on or before the closing date indicated above. Please send the proposal via email to Marc Workman, CEO WBU, at cc

Note that we also intend to redesign our website following the brand refresh. Agencies with exceptional competencies in both areas are invited to share their expertise in website design, which may result in a contract to undertake the website redesign along with the brand refresh. However, web design experience is not a requirement for those only interested in submitting a proposal on the brand refresh.


The WBU is the leading global voice for an estimated 253 million blind and partially sighted persons worldwide. Our members consist of over 250 organizations in more than 190 countries. Our work is driven by our vision of a world in which we, as blind and partially sighted persons, can participate fully in any aspect of life we choose. We advocate for equal opportunities, and the protection and promotion of the fundamental human rights of all.

At the WBU, we are deeply committed to accessibility and disability inclusion. Additionally, we operate in three official languages: English, French, and Spanish.


The World Blind Union was formed in 1984, and in the intervening years, who we are has evolved. We are in need of a new brand and story that embodies our current identity, as well as advances our mission. We are looking for a fresh and modern look, but one that still stays true to our structure of being a member/community driven organization And holds to our vision of a world in which blind & partially sighted persons can participate fully in any aspect of life. It is imperative that our updated brand demonstrates our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

Branding is more than just the logo; it touches every aspect of the WBU’s visual representation and the ways in which we describe ourselves. A clear, consistent brand should support our strategic priorities.

This request for proposals is to solicit proposals and establish a contract through a competitive negotiation with a qualified consulting firm that has relevant experience working with non-profits, particularly in the areas of identity/branding, such as development of a brand values statement, logo development along with associated graphic standards, and brand implementation from initial rollout to full transition to a new brand.


  • The firm must be well versed in the non-profit sector and will be at a significant advantage if they are conversant with accessibility and have experience working with the disability sector.
  • The Proposal shall be submitted on or before September 30, 2023.
  • The proposal shall be on a company letterhead and signed by an authorized representative of the company.
  • Interested parties will submit their proposal along with their financial structure document for performing the required services. The financial structure will be in a separate document named “Budget” and will be provided in USD. It should include the payable taxes.
  • The Proposal must remain valid for 30 days after the submission date. During this period, the firm is expected to keep available, at their own cost, the professional staff proposed for the assignment. WBU will make our best effort to complete negotiations within this period.
  • The firm shall submit an electronic copy by email to cc: . Proposals may only be sent electronically; hard copies that are delivered or mailed will be rejected.
  • WBU will not be liable for any cost’s related to the preparation of the Proposal.
  • To be eligible the firm must demonstrate that it is a firm with significant knowledge and experience in developing and rolling out brands.
  • Priority will be given to those firms that have demonstrated knowledge of accessibility and experience working with Organizations of People with Disabilities.
  • From the time the bids are opened to the time the Contract is awarded, if any consultant wishes to contact the Client on any matter related to the proposal, they should do so in writing to


The selected firm will be expected to fulfill the following deliverables:

  • Brand Development: brand positioning; brand narrative; topline key messages. Creative/Development of Brand – The firm will develop creative elements that include slogan/tag line, logo, typeface, voice/tone, market positioning, personality, and other deliverables to support the overall brand initiative. A minimum of three distinct creative options must be presented. The selected logo design will be delivered, with the final option delivered with a style manual and guidelines for use in the following; Print and electronic advertising; Website design; Media placement (TV/Radio/Outdoor); Public relations; Events; Collateral (letterhead, business cards, memos, etc.); Signage (building, street, welcome, vehicles, etc.
  • Brand Identity: colour palette; guidelines on look and feel; guidelines on imagery selection.
  • Brand Relationships: recommended strategy on the overarching brand and sub-brands; align all brand logos and brand identities; recommend how they interact and message the relationships.
  • Asset Development: brand guidelines; PPTs; e-signatures; others TBD through rebrand process.
  • Website: recommendations on website strategy between brand and sub-brands; overarching brand website development; this would feed into the separate website project.
  • Launch: recommendations on rollout and launch strategy
  • Strategic Plan – The consultant will develop strategic objectives that will help better inform the WBU on implementation, management, and ongoing promotion of the brand.
  • Implementation Plan – The firm will develop an action plan for implementation of the brand in sufficient detail to allow the organization to understand the approach and work plan. An Action Plan should include, but not be limited to the following:

-Estimated costs/budget associated with the implementation process

– Proposed timelines for development of creative elements

-Recommended positioning, logo and brand guidelines

– Plan for brand identity applications and brand identity maintenance

-Plan for how to implement and promote the new brand

  • Goals/Objectives – the primary goals/objectives to be achieved by the branding initiative include but are not limited to:

-Consistency – The brand should convey a consistent message and image to audiences both within and outside WBU. A defined message that will place WBU locally, nationally and internationally as the voice of those who are blind or partially sighted.

-Community Identity/Pride – Identify and promote what makes WBU distinct. Build on its membership base.

-Flexibility – The brand must be flexible and adaptable in the dynamic modern world.

-Endorsement – The brand must be authentic, original and resonate with the WBU members and community.


  • Submission of proposal by September 30, 2023
  • Interviews mid-October 2023
  • Agency selection late-October 2023
  • Phase 1 (Planning, Learning, Research, Identity, Roll-out): November 2023
  • Phase 2 (development of assets for consultation with stakeholders, recommended approaches developed): December 2023
  • Phase 3 (consultation with stakeholders via email and possibly one or two virtual meetings) January 2024
  • Finalization of deliverables: January 2024
  • Brand rollout and launch: February 2024


In your proposal, please include:

  • Company overview
  • Biographies of the main employees who will work on the project
  • Budget
  • Timelines
  • Examples of past work and reference from past clients
  • Any additional information that showcases why you are the right agency for this project


  • WBU will evaluate and analyze all proposals, and select the firm that, in its sole and final judgment, represents the best qualified and fiscally responsible solution. The right to seek clarification from prospective firms on any issue in their proposal or take any other action it determines necessary to evaluate the proposals and construct a solution that is in the WBU’s best interest.
  • WBU reserves the right to (a) accept or reject any/or all submissions of proposals; (b) to waive any irregularity, technicality, informality or discrepancy in a proposal; (c) accept any alternative submission of proposals presented; negotiate the addition, deletion or modification of any aspect of the proposal which in its opinion, would best serve the interests of WBU; (d) give full and proper evaluation of the Vendor or team presenting the proposal.
  • The proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria:
    • Creativity
    • Experience and success with providing rebranding services to similar organizations, with particular emphasis on experience related to accessibility and working with the disability community.
    • Skill, ability, and capacity to perform the specific scope of services required.
  • Specific plans or methodology to be used to perform the services
  • Proposed metrics to measure success
  • Quality of proposal and samples
  • Proposed lump sum fee and pricing structure
  • Relevant case studies and examples showcasing brand strategy excellence and aptitude navigating complexity in a compelling way.
  • Project management capabilities.


We request that you submit a proposal by September 30, 2023. Email the proposal to   cc:


To download the PDF file of the proposal click here: WBU 2023 CALL FOR PROPOSAL FOR REBRANDING


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