• Accessibility GO! A Guide to Action
    WBU and CBM Global Disability Inclusion developed Accessibility GO! A Guide to Action. The guide provides practical support on how to deliver a wholistic organisational approach towards accessibility. It describes how to progressively achieve seven core accessibility commitments across built environments, information and communications, procurement of goods and services, training and capacity development, programmes, meetings and events, recruitment, and human resource (HR) management. The guide offers pathways to progressively realise accessibility in various contexts and organisations; recognising that users of the guide will be diverse. Accessibility GO A Guide to Action WBU-CBM Global Dec2021 Read the latest news about Accessibility Go!
  • Accessibility of Video Conferencing Apps and ServicesThe purpose of this document is for United Nations staff and partners to make their video conferences as inclusive as possible for all persons with disabilities. The Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities gathered the following information from representative organizations of persons with disabilities, in particular from the International Disability Alliance and its members, and from additional research. This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather attempts to provide an accessibility overview. This document is a living document and will be periodically updated as relevant. Accessibility of Video Conferencing Apps and Services-Updated 23 Oct 2020
  • Webinar March 27
    Creating and Evaluating Digital Documents for Accessibility: The webinar focused on the creating and evaluating accessible documents, a guide through the tools in Word and PowerPoint. Among discussions included: 1) accessibility versus usability; 2) creating accessible documents, including Word, PowerPoint and PDF’s (e.g. accessibility errors include missing alternative text for images, and poor color contrast); and 3) understanding users with disabilities expectations about their needs and preferences.
  • Accessibility in public spaces: Luisa Bravo, Member and President of City Space Architecture, a non-profit cultural association based in Bologna, Italy, to promote public space culture. She talks about accessibility in public spaces for people with disabilities.​
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