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Photo: Members of the National Federation of the Blind, India

Photo: @ The National Federation of the Blind, India


The Asian Blind Union (ABU), is the WBU union for Asia Region. The Regional President is Mr. Santosh Kumar Rungta of the National Federation of the Blind, India. The international contact is Mr. Amer Makarem of the Youth Association of the Blind, Lebanon.

National Federation of the Blind

The National Federation of the Blind, (NFB) is the largest self-help organization of the blind in India. It is founded on the philosophy “Let the Blind, Lead the Blind”. Some of the main objectives for which the Federation was established include:

  • To strive for equality of opportunity for the blind in their education, training and employment.
  • To stimulate the provision of remunerative employment for the blind in all occupations which they can successfully practice.
  • To explore new avenues of employment for the blind.
  • To promote the production and distribution of educational & recreational materials to the blind in all available media.
  • To promote the education of the blind in the light of modern and practicable concepts. Read more

Youth Association of the blind, Lebanon

The YAB is a group of both sighted and visually impaired individuals that believe in the involvement and equal opportunities between various social groups. It works to establish an inclusive community for all by ensuring the inclusion of the visually impaired at all levels and against all forms of isolation and discrimination. The Association was established in Beirut in October 1988.

The YAB goals are:

  •  Consecrating the rights of visually-impaired persons in laws, along with the provision of the basic services that these rights entail.
  • The inclusion of the visually-impaired persons in the regular educational system, at both school and university level.
  • The inclusion of the visually-impaired children in family life.
  • Provision of opportunities for participation in cultural, artistic, sporting and recreational activities.
  • The inclusion of the visually-impaired persons in the labor market.
  • Empowering the visually-impaired woman to engage in various fields. Read more


Regional Office – Asian Blind Union (ABU)
C/O Youth Association of the Blind
P.O. Box 113-5487
Beirut, Lebanon

Regional President: Santosh Kumar Rungta
E-mail: nfbsec.g @ gmail.com

International Contact: Amer Makarem, Secretary General
Phone: +91-11-2705 4082
Fax: +91-11-2705 0915
E-mail: amer @ yablb.org
Twitter: @AsiaBlind

ABU Secretariat Office: abusecretariat @ yablb.org

Full list of WBU members in Asia


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Reservation in Government Jobs
In the year 1970s, the employment opportunities for the blind in mainstream job market (both private and Govt.) were not available. Consequently, the National Federation of the Blind focused on formulation of effective policies for the disabled in general and blind in particular to open up employment in the Government sector since 1978.The relentless struggle continues. Read more


Braille Monitor
The NFB Braille Monitor is the flagship publication of the National Federation of the Blind. It covers the events and activities of the NFB, addresses the issues we face as blind people, and highlights our members. It Offers a positive philosophy about blindness to both blind readers and the public at large; Serves as a vehicle for advocacy and protection of civil rights, Addresses social concerns affecting the blind, Discusses issues related to employment, education, legislation, and rehabilitation and Provides news about products and technology used by the blind. Read more

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