Membership Categories

The WBU has four membership categories: National, International, Associate and Honorary.

There are four membership fee categories for our national members, which are based on the country’s socio-economic status. The annual fees per delegate range from approximately $28 in the lowest income level countries to $2,300 per delegate in high income level countries, and for international members. Low and high income level countries fees also apply for Associate members – approximately $100 for low income level and about $500 for high income level. Fees are adjusted with a cost of living increase annually. For current fee information, please contact the WBU office at: National and international members are full voting members of the WBU so long as their fees are paid. Associate members are not voting members; however, they are active participants of WBU activities.

National Members

National members are countries which organizations of and for the blind that are active at a national level in their country. The number of delegates is determined by that country’s population and range from two delegates for countries with a population of 20 million or less up to 10 delegates for countries with populations over 250 million. National members also include special members and grouped membership.

Special members are those without an active organization of blind persons and have only half the normal delegates for that country’s population.

Grouped membership is comprised by small countries that are related geographically and for whom grouped membership status is more practical. For example, several islands in the Caribbean have joined as one grouped member.

National members are listed by region on the links below:

International Members

International members are organizations who are involved in programs of benefit to blind and partially sighted persons at international level. Click through the link for the list of WBU International Members.

Associate Members

Associate members are organizations or foundations that do not meet the criteria of national or international membership, but who are interested in being part of the World Blind Union.

Click through the link for the list of WBU Associate Members.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members are individuals who have rendered long and outstanding international service to the blind community within their region or internationally, who are honoured by WBU. Honorary Life Members are nominated by their country of residence and their membership is approved by the General Assembly.

Click through the link for the list of WBU Honorary Life Members.

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