North America / Caribbean

Photo: NA/C members at a regional meeting in Trinidad

Photo: NA/C members at a regional meeting in Trinidad


The North America and Caribbean (NA/C) region of the WBU comprises ten national member countries – the two countries of continental North America, along with eight countries of the Caribbean – and two further countries grouped under the Caribbean Council of the Blind. Like all WBU regions, therefore, the NA/C displays a wide diversity of members in relation to population size, culture and climate across the full spectrum of income and GDP levels. The blindness organizations in member countries are likewise diverse in their size and level of available resources. Far from being a detriment, however, this richness of diversity presents the region with many opportunities for cooperative projects and programs, as well as for a valuable interchange of information, skills, and innovative solutions to shared problems.


Regional President: Mr. Charles Mossop (Canada)
charles.mossop @

Contact Person for the Caribbean: Mr. Kenneth Suratt (Trinidad and Tobago)
ttbwa1914 @

For a full list of members in the region click here

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