Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The World Blind Union’s (WBU’s) 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan charts an ambitious path forward, centered on our purpose and the human impacts we want to create for the people we exist to represent and serve.

The document is organized into Three Parts.

Part 1 contains our Long-term Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Values. These statements encompass our aspirations, ideals, scope of work, and why they matter for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Part 2 is our Strategic Framework. This section contains our 4-year Strategic Vision, Theory of Change, and Strategic Framework which outlines how we believe we can achieve our vision between now and 2025.

Part 3 is our Human Impact Framework (HIF), an innovative tool pioneered by our consultants, ION Leadership Consulting ( This human-centric model of impact is a complementary tool to our strategic plan. It serves as an “operating system” and stabilizing force to ensure that, if – and/or when – we must adjust our strategies, we anchor everything we do on how we want lives to improve. The HIF is explained in more detail in Part 3.

Overall, this strategic plan is intentionally broad and far-reaching. It provides the necessary framework under which we can create our annual plans for action. Those plans will give more detail to what we aim to achieve, how, when and with whom. Regardless, all plans are built on a foundation that must be honored and protected, and our work will be underpinned by certain things that will always be true.

We will always promote the interests and needs of people who are blind or partially sighted first and foremost. We will continue to create change by working within the current and emerging human rights and disability-inclusive development frameworks such as the UN CRPD, Agenda 2030, New Urban Agenda, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Paris Agreement on Climate Action, and Charter on Humanitarian Action. We will continue to use an intersectional lens to inform our decisions and guide our actions. We will safeguard our reputation and brand, ensuring our economic, social and governance sustainability along the way.

The WBU thanks the contributors to this plan including our members, the Executive Committee, our CEO, and our funders. Most of all, we wish to thank the hundreds of millions of people who are blind or partially sighted who have entrusted the World Blind Union to represent their collective voice and interests on the global stage.

Download a full copy of the strategic plan in Word or PDF below.

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