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This section contains links to other organizations and services that may be helpful resources for people who are blind and/or partially sighted. We cannot provide country-based specific links for benefits, or services provided to blind citizens; please refer to member websites for links that pertain to services for a particular country.


  • Traveleyes, is a leading organisation offering worldwide adventures for blind and sighted travellers. Each blind or visually impaired traveller is paired with a sighted traveller, for each day of the vacation. In return for being the eyes for blind travellers, the sighted travellers receive a discount of their trips, subsidised entirely by Traveleyes. This means that blind travellers don’t pay any more for accessible travel, and benefit from one on one guiding for the whole trip as well as live audio description. For more infromation, visit:​
  • Traveling Internationally with a Guide Dog or Service Animal:  Read more about pros and cons, legal and health considerations for going abroad with your service animal See more:​
  • The Complete Guide to Traveling With Medical Condition:​ Tips and checklists for travellers with health conditions​​
  • Travel Accessibility Resources for the Disabled and Handicapped: While traveling with a disability can be challenging, it can also provide a host of physical and mental benefits. Learn more at:
  • Nature for the Blind: This website provides locations and information about Braille nature trails and sensory gardens for the visually impaired and those with other physical disabilities in the United States and around the world. In this directory there are over 200 Braille trails and sensory gardens in 35 countries worldwide, including over 100 trails in 36 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Information is also provided on the importance of connecting those with disabilities to the outdoors, the history of Braille nature trails, and links to other outdoor resources for the blind and visually impaired. For more information, visit:
  • Accessible Travel Netherlands, is the travel organization for accessible travel and tours in the Netherlands. It provides accessible city trips and holidays for people with disabilities traveling with friends and family. For more information, visit:​​
  • Guidelines for Blind Air Travellers-2004.doc
  • Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide​
  • Assistive Technology Makes Cars Accessible for People With Disabilities​​

Websites offering downloads of useful items/services:

How to make homes more accessible

Glossary of Ophthalmological Terms​

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