Mary Hochhausen Prize for Music and Braille Literacy

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This Prize was established by E. (Ben) Hochhausen in 2014 to honour the memory of his late wife Mary and to celebrate her joy and love of music; her family values; her commitment to education and to community service.

When established it was the intent of the family that the full amount of the capital ($100,000) including earned interest, by expended in approximately a 15-year timeframe.


  1. The Prize to be presented annually, or more frequently at the discretion of the Selection Committee, is directed to young blind women and men in the developing world who have a specific interest in music, braille music code; to further their education and/or potential employment; or purchase equipment or special materials related to braille learning. Funds are also available for creating a school music program or similar project.
  2. The amount of each prize shall be up to 4000 USD unless otherwise authorized by the Selection Committee.
  3. The total amount of awards shall not exceed 10,000 USD in any one year, unless otherwise authorized by the Selection Committee.


  1. All applications may be made in braille, print or electronically at any time during the calendar year.
  2. Each application must include a project budget.
  3. The prize/s shall be presented prior to March 31 of the ensuing calendar year.
  4. Applicants will require two credible letters of reference, with preference given to one reference from the in-country affiliate of the World Blind Union National member.
  5. Funds will be transferred to the successful applicant/s through the intermediary of an in-country Association of or for the blind with appropriate banking credentials.
  6. World Blind Union retains the right to promote or publicize, with photographs selected funded projects while respecting the privacy of the recipient.
  7. A final report will be due to the World Blind Union on the completion of the program/project or earlier if requested.

Revised June 2020

Mary Hochhausen Prize for Music and Braille Literacy Application Process


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